Welcome to Aim High Marketing!

A warm welcome to Aim High Marketing – there is no denying 2020 will go down as the most challenging years in a couple of generations for the entire world, which has resulted in many of us having to look at new ventures…

..which is where I find myself at the tail-end of the year – starting a new business in some of the most challenging conditions ever known. I know this will be the same circumstances for a lot of people and businesses throughout the UK – now and for the foreseeable future. I want to be part of helping them to the best possible start in this new era for everyone.

Or maybe it’s ‘business as usual’ but you could benefit from getting more customers or standing-out from the crowd a bit more – either way, I’d love to help.

My home page mentions my approach and why I’m qualified to help should come across from who I’ve worked with and in the About page. The key area is the services pages which details how I can help – but it’s not exhaustive, so do get in contact with your query and I’m more than happy to offer advice where I can or make recommendations if I can’t help myself.

So for my first post, in addition to introducing Aim High Marketing, I thought I would make some house rules detailing what you can expect if we work together and you can hold me to it, if any of the following doesn’t happen:

  • Simplicity– at it’s core, marketing isn’t complicated and there’s definitely no need for jargon – if I resort to it, please feel free to politely remind me to refrain from using it
  • No Surprises – aside from the excellent song by Radiohead, no-one likes surprises, so you will be kept informed of all main project milestones – which usually equate to costs and timings, prior to the event happening
  • Positivity – yes, there will be challenges and a few obstacles to clear, but we’ll do it with 100% positivity – I will be engaged and energised to work with you and shall do so with a smile
  • Collaboration – I really want to take over or contribute as much as possible to your marketing needs, leaving you to focus on running other parts of your business, but I will ask for your time and co-operation as this will make the difference in helping to achieve our objectives
  • Flexibility – whatever your way of working, I can flex to suit your needs – whether it’s a status call outside of standard work hours or semi-regular work patterns, I’ll ensure it works best for you
  • Measurement – where possible, we will agree on milestones, KPI’s and benchmarks as I want to be accountable for your investment and am looking for long-term relationships

It’s been a pleasure to welcome you to Aim High Marketing and I want to thank-you for taking the time to read my first blog post – do check back for regular updates and get in touch if you need any help with your marketing.